Question 12

As I took test four of my sociology exam yesterday (July 24), my Internet went out at question 12. Surprisingly it was not a string of expletives that exited my mouth, but a string of nos.

I emailed the professor, explained what happened, then called the Internet people and found out there was an outage in the area.

“But this is the end of the world. I have a zero on this test because there’s an outage in the area, what are you going to do about my zero?”

I read about something pitiful on Facebook, like you always do, then I realized it wasn’t really the end of the world, just a revelation. (No biblical pun intended.)

I realized sociology is a rigorous major, there are a couple classes I need to take that involve mathematics I knew at one time but are now buried in the deep recesses of my mind to stay. I also need to have a minor; this didn’t bother me but the pickings are slim.

So, long story short (too late, I know), I have gone back to the major I had when attending the University of Virginia: Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies.

A happy end did occur to my exam. The professor reset the test for me and I got an 80.

Even more good news, we have one more test on Friday (July 29), and if we are satisfied with our grade we don’t have to take it because he is dropping our lowest test grade.

My average in the class is an 80, which is a B.

No matter what grade I get on the last test my average won’t take me above a B. Education is gift. I will take the exam anyway because I can.