Test Day

This is terribly good advice.

I am beyond nervous. I have already read the textbook once (not that I really remember it), taken very good notes, and still there is a mountain of information ahead of me I am concerned about.



Will I remember it all, or will I face the panic of overthinking, or will I just forget everything? I don’t know. I am nervecited as a friend of mine suggest (nervous + excited).

Am I scared? Yes! All I hope to be is average, anything above that is gravy.

The test is available online from 8am-11pm.

All I want is to be average.


Pedantic Light

You never know how much a major light fixture means until it goes out and you have to outline a chapter and take notes from an eLecture on said chapter in two days.

I understand how pedantic of a blog post this is, but really when you think about it a light going out really makes you appreciate your humble lamp.

My apartment has just one main light fixture in the dining room area and both bulbs went out at the same time; in fact, one of the bulbs came out from the socket in my hand sans screw-in thingy. It was at that moment I decided to let maintenance handle it.

They did a smashing job today and now I can abandon my lamp and sit at a proper table and not have my textbook flopping everywhere in my recliner (although studying in the comfy recliner was nice).

If you are lost in what this blog post is about I think I am too, I suppose it’s about appreciation for the little things because you never know when the big things will go out on you.

Training Day

Night OwlMy entire life’s insomnia has been training me for this exact moment:

Burning the midnight oil.


the moment where I will get very little sleep for the next three weeks in pursuit of passing my class. I am not striving for an A or even a B, merely a humble C. I know this is my major and I should be expecting more of myself, but I do not want to get my hopes up. I just want to pass the class.

Of course, my body will now pick this time to choose  adherence to a regular sleep schedule. Alas dear body I cannot allow it, you must survive on power naps, coffee, and a soda or two.

Okay, study break is over, back to stuDYING for me.

Studying and dying

What Is This?

barney fife shockedMy sociology course has had me as baffled as Barney Fife, the loveable but less than bright deputy on The Andy Griffith Show, ever since I got my textbook two months ago. However, something new has transpired…

Class starts tomorrow (July 11) and all of the course documents are up on the Internet ready for our eager eyes to peruse at our leisure. The professor has even made a test review sheet for us with sample questions. A very generous gift in my opinion.

My reaction to the first question was, “Uh, um, what?” Now this was after having listened to the eLecture, taking beyond stellar notes, and having read and highlighted the textbook.

Upon review, I discovered the answer to this impossible question was the definition of sociology.

shame faced

By the way, did I mention I am a sociology major?


Power’s Out!

View from my apartment during Friday’s morning storm! The window isn’t dirty, those are the sheets of rain obscuring the view. Notice the tree in the background tipping its hat.

So, on Friday we had storms accompanied by lightening, sheets of rain, power outages, fallen tree limbs, power outages…

Oh, wait, power outages.

Everyone knows power outages aren’t fun (I felt really sorry for anyone who was doing laundry in our building at the time), but this time it was especially not fun, and here’s why…

My class was up and running on the Internet a few days early (YAY!), I was printing out the PowerPoint when the power went out (BOO!). Eight pages of a 15-page document down the toilet.

I watched from the solarium (which became the rainarium) with my neighbors as the storm died down but the lightening stayed. We noticed our neighbors a block over had power, spotted the downed trees, the traffic slowed slowed down, the buses had stopped running, and agreed that the lightening was a little too close for our comfort. As the sky began to clear, the streets started filling up with cars again, but the iightening remained and we knew the power company wouldn’t come out until that had subsided. Eventually the rain went away along with the lightening and after two hours without power we were on our way.

And what was I doing when the power came back on? A priest was visiting the apartment building and I was in the middle of confession. This young priest is unique in that he is blind, so the dark didn’t matter to him, but boy was I embarrassed when I had to get up and switch off the television. I’m not an EWTN person, I’m pretty sure Law & Order was on TV at the moment. Oy vey!

Back to the PowerPoint fiasco…Green me kicked in and when I printed out the slides for chapter two I used the back of the aforementioned eight pages. It only took me two sheets of the paper to figure out I had the paper facing the wrong way. Losing only two pages is pretty good for me.

Now back to school I go!





Today I finished the textbook for my Sociology 100 class. Did I think two months ago when my best friend got me the textbook I would finish it in time? I hoped so, but I had my doubts. Then, I looked at the syllabus and discovered we skipped 3 chapters. 

The goal was reachable. 

I put sticky notes on the chapters to skip and wrote: SKIP in large letters.

This is a major life event for me, the first step in my education. I feel like I just ran a loooonnnng race–I may have crawled over the finish line, but I finished.

Cafe Ole!

coffee cups

I just looovvve coffee and what’s more I enjoy collecting coffee cups. I have even designed a few for friends. When I went to school the first time around in 1994 I don’t remember coffee being as prevelant as it is today. Now, a coffee shop can be found every four feet; even in the Forbidden City Starbucks managed to sneak in. Not everyone likes coffee and I respect all palates.



Does coffee keep me awake, sure! But, I like drinking decaf. (I don’t have this coffee cup, wish I did.)

All of my coffee cups have stories, from the ones I designed for my friends to the red coffee cup a friend put me on a treasure hunt to find for my birthday to find. Clever lady, but highly obnxious. I have two French coffee cups, they use bowls, one I inherited from a friend after she died (the same one who put me on the treasure hunt), another I bought on Etsy.

french coffee bowl

Do I have a favorite coffee cup? Yes. It’s the one with coffee in it.




Not Worried

worried emojiIt’s a good thing I’m not worried. Phew! I was worried for a second I might be worried, but I’m not worried.

I am on my last chapter of this massive textbook, which we have to read all but three chapters, and this final chapter has me thinking, “This textbook is in English, right?”

The subject is sociology, the specific chapter is on population, not overly hard topics, but I feel like words are not my strong suit right now–this is not a thing a former journalist should be admitting.

Oy vey!

I know I will have the eLectures to tell me all the things I do not understand (like words) so I am not worried (yeah, right).

Sleepless Nights

The problem with any new thing is it brings with it excitement (and anxiety) which can cause sleepless nights. Fun.

I have counted sheep to infinity plus two. I have tried tea, the homeopathic remedies, soothing sounds, a cuddly teddy, and still sleep eludes. However, it does have its upsides: I have gotten homework done, finished chores, watched a lot of Law & Order.

Sleepless nights let me hear the rhythm of the cicadas, but I think I would rather have my circadian rhythms.

Back to School

back-to-schoolI think this image asks a very good question. Are you ready? The answer is: No.

I am 40 and going back to school. I had a dream of a deflated ballon in a tree and school was involved and the ballon inflated, like something Biblical I took that to mean I should go back to school, so I jumped in confused head first. Also, I am on disability for epilepsy and I didn’t want ten years to pass me by and still be reading¬†War and Peace. I’ll probably still be reading the classic, but I don’t want that to be the only thing I am doing/have done. Perhaps this isn’t a big deal for most people, but it is for me.

Fortunately, I won’t be starting from the beginning, I already have some college behind me so all of my basic requirements are out of the way. Praise God! Because science and math at 40, no thank you. Balancing my checkbook requires a calculator (hey, don’t judge).

I will be attending Western Kentucky University which is about an hour away from where I live; however, thanks to new technology I can get my degree online. And get this, my major requires a minor and it’s slim pickins as to what you can take online, so I have decided to minor in criminology. Hey, I love my Law & Order so why not?

Today is July 4, 2016, my summer session begins in one week. Am I scared? You betcha! Did my best friend buy me the textbook about two months before class began so I could get a head start on the class? You betcha! Have I completed it? One chapter to go. You may think I am over prepared, but we have to read a chapter a day, plus there are eLectures and a test every three days. Yeah, so I’m not over prepared, just following the professor’s advice to get the book early.

As I celebrate the Independence for the country, I also celebrate my own independence for going for it.

Happy 4th of July!