Too Early?

too soon

It’s been a while I know, but I have been eager, doing homework, writing weekly assignments, blogs, taking notes. I should be just about halfway through the semester.

So, I post one of my assignments a week early. I get an e-mail from the professor gently telling me to re-read the syllabus about when things are due.

Too early. I need to get work done, post something early, which is not convenient apparently, and I get chastized for it? Now, I can understand some professors like sticking to a schedule and only want papers on a certain date so as not to confuse it with another class or something else.

But come on, getting a paper too early is a problem? Well, we do get points for handing it in on time and we can hand in late papers.

However, if we don’t follow the guidelines, we get knocked off points, so I suppose handing in a paper early is just as horrible as handing in a paper late.

This is the first paper, so I don’t think I’ll get my 2 out of 6 points knocked off.


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