Sins of the Youth

Final Grade

Okay, so I might just be a little excited that my final grade of a B has posted, but this blog is called “Sins of the Youth”.

If you notice I have attempted 164 hours and earned 126 hours of schooling, so guess what, this isn’t my first rodeo. I made a few mistakes: didn’t know to withdraw from classes, so left school without withdrawing, stayed in school when I shouldn’t have, not going to classes, focused on the wrong things. However, when I went back to school in my 30’s, I went back with a vengence and made A’s and B’s.

I was never a B student and certainly never an A student, but somehow God managed to get me through it and pushed me through good schools and tough classes with good grades. I expected to just pass, but God said, “No, you can do better. I will make your hard work pay off.” Well, He may not have something as pedestrian as that, but something more astounding.

The sins of my youth have left me with a 2.37 GPA to work with. Maybe I can raise it into the 3.00 range with good grades, but for now I know I have worked hard in the past few years to raise it up. In fact, I raised it from a 0.5 GPA to  a 2.5 GPA by the time I graduated from my community college. Word to the wise: drop out properly!

It’s all good. I just want to learn.


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