Pedantic Light

You never know how much a major light fixture means until it goes out and you have to outline a chapter and take notes from an eLecture on said chapter in two days.

I understand how pedantic of a blog post this is, but really when you think about it a light going out really makes you appreciate your humble lamp.

My apartment has just one main light fixture in the dining room area and both bulbs went out at the same time; in fact, one of the bulbs came out from the socket in my hand sans screw-in thingy. It was at that moment I decided to let maintenance handle it.

They did a smashing job today and now I can abandon my lamp and sit at a proper table and not have my textbook flopping everywhere in my recliner (although studying in the comfy recliner was nice).

If you are lost in what this blog post is about I think I am too, I suppose it’s about appreciation for the little things because you never know when the big things will go out on you.


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