What Is This?

barney fife shockedMy sociology course has had me as baffled as Barney Fife, the loveable but less than bright deputy on The Andy Griffith Show, ever since I got my textbook two months ago. However, something new has transpired…

Class starts tomorrow (July 11) and all of the course documents are up on the Internet ready for our eager eyes to peruse at our leisure. The professor has even made a test review sheet for us with sample questions. A very generous gift in my opinion.

My reaction to the first question was, “Uh, um, what?” Now this was after having listened to the eLecture, taking beyond stellar notes, and having read and highlighted the textbook.

Upon review, I discovered the answer to this impossible question was the definition of sociology.

shame faced

By the way, did I mention I am a sociology major?



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