Power’s Out!

View from my apartment during Friday’s morning storm! The window isn’t dirty, those are the sheets of rain obscuring the view. Notice the tree in the background tipping its hat.

So, on Friday we had storms accompanied by lightening, sheets of rain, power outages, fallen tree limbs, power outages…

Oh, wait, power outages.

Everyone knows power outages aren’t fun (I felt really sorry for anyone who was doing laundry in our building at the time), but this time it was especially not fun, and here’s why…

My class was up and running on the Internet a few days early (YAY!), I was printing out the PowerPoint when the power went out (BOO!). Eight pages of a 15-page document down the toilet.

I watched from the solarium (which became the rainarium) with my neighbors as the storm died down but the lightening stayed. We noticed our neighbors a block over had power, spotted the downed trees, the traffic slowed slowed down, the buses had stopped running, and agreed that the lightening was a little too close for our comfort. As the sky began to clear, the streets started filling up with cars again, but the iightening remained and we knew the power company wouldn’t come out until that had subsided. Eventually the rain went away along with the lightening and after two hours without power we were on our way.

And what was I doing when the power came back on? A priest was visiting the apartment building and I was in the middle of confession. This young priest is unique in that he is blind, so the dark didn’t matter to him, but boy was I embarrassed when I had to get up and switch off the television. I’m not an EWTN person, I’m pretty sure Law & Order was on TV at the moment. Oy vey!

Back to the PowerPoint fiasco…Green me kicked in and when I printed out the slides for chapter two I used the back of the aforementioned eight pages. It only took me two sheets of the paper to figure out I had the paper facing the wrong way. Losing only two pages is pretty good for me.

Now back to school I go!





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