Cafe Ole!

coffee cups

I just looovvve coffee and what’s more I enjoy collecting coffee cups. I have even designed a few for friends. When I went to school the first time around in 1994 I don’t remember coffee being as prevelant as it is today. Now, a coffee shop can be found every four feet; even in the Forbidden City Starbucks managed to sneak in. Not everyone likes coffee and I respect all palates.



Does coffee keep me awake, sure! But, I like drinking decaf. (I don’t have this coffee cup, wish I did.)

All of my coffee cups have stories, from the ones I designed for my friends to the red coffee cup a friend put me on a treasure hunt to find for my birthday to find. Clever lady, but highly obnxious. I have two French coffee cups, they use bowls, one I inherited from a friend after she died (the same one who put me on the treasure hunt), another I bought on Etsy.

french coffee bowl

Do I have a favorite coffee cup? Yes. It’s the one with coffee in it.





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