Back to School

back-to-schoolI think this image asks a very good question. Are you ready? The answer is: No.

I am 40 and going back to school. I had a dream of a deflated ballon in a tree and school was involved and the ballon inflated, like something Biblical I took that to mean I should go back to school, so I jumped in confused head first. Also, I am on disability for epilepsy and I didn’t want ten years to pass me by and still be reading War and Peace. I’ll probably still be reading the classic, but I don’t want that to be the only thing I am doing/have done. Perhaps this isn’t a big deal for most people, but it is for me.

Fortunately, I won’t be starting from the beginning, I already have some college behind me so all of my basic requirements are out of the way. Praise God! Because science and math at 40, no thank you. Balancing my checkbook requires a calculator (hey, don’t judge).

I will be attending Western Kentucky University which is about an hour away from where I live; however, thanks to new technology I can get my degree online. And get this, my major requires a minor and it’s slim pickins as to what you can take online, so I have decided to minor in criminology. Hey, I love my Law & Order so why not?

Today is July 4, 2016, my summer session begins in one week. Am I scared? You betcha! Did my best friend buy me the textbook about two months before class began so I could get a head start on the class? You betcha! Have I completed it? One chapter to go. You may think I am over prepared, but we have to read a chapter a day, plus there are eLectures and a test every three days. Yeah, so I’m not over prepared, just following the professor’s advice to get the book early.

As I celebrate the Independence for the country, I also celebrate my own independence for going for it.

Happy 4th of July!




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